Fit Dessert Recipe: Super Quick Date Nut Bites

So I’ve been sick a lot and I’m not doing a lot of super exciting stuff that I can post about BUT I can come up with new desserts. This recipe is super quick and easy. It also required quite a bit of experimenting from me that included both burnt and disappearing honey so I’m well prepared to tell you exactly what (not) to do.


Dates – 200 g (you’ll only use that much but get a big bag to be able to choose the best ones for the job)
Honey – 20 g
Peanut butter, smooth – 10 g
Pecans – 60 g (you can replace them with walnuts but that will add bitterness)
Max 20 minutes of your time!

First of all, you need to find the right dates. Buy the pitted ones, if you value your time. Bigger dates are better because they open easily. You should also be able to put in more or less a half a teaspoon of a filling.

Get two small bowls. Put peanut butter in one and add a splash of water to it. Mix it in. Keep adding until the peanut butter is mixed in but don’t allow it to become too watery. If you’re dealing with hard peanut butter you may want to microwave it for 30 seconds to warm it up and make the mixing in easier. Alternatively, use hot water for mixing.

Add honey to the second bowl. Microwave it or treat it with water bath like I treated chocolate in the chocolate coconut bites recipe. You want the honey to change its consistency into liquid.
Add the preprepared watered down peanut butter to the melted honey.
Whatever you do, do NOT microwave honey and peanut butter together to skip the steps I’ve given you.

Chop pecans as finely as you have the patience to. Mix them into your peanut butter and honey mixture. If you’re extra slow with chopping, chop them beforehand. Your mixture won’t solidify immediately but it won’t wait for you forever either.

Stuff the dates with your mixture using a teaspoon. Place your super quick date bites in the fridge. Take them out of the fridge +/- 30 minutes before serving. The cold keeps makes them firm so they should be kept in the fridge but they taste best when they’re not too cold.

Let me know in the comments’ section how long did it take you to prepare the dessert. I’ve been managing to keep it around 20 minutes.


Fit Dessert Recipe: 3-Ingredient Sesame Seed and Sunflower Candy

I don’t like complicated recipes but I love healthy sweets. This Sesame Seed and Sunflower Candy recipe will help you quickly and easily prepare a perfect healthy snack to enjoy in moderation.


100 g of sesame seeds
100 g of sunflower seed
61-65 g of honey (the more, the sweeter)

Measure honey into a bowl. Microwave honey until it melts (+/- 30 seconds) or, if you don’t have a microwave, place the bowl with honey on a small pot with water on a hot stove and wait until the honey melts.

Pic 1

In a separate bowl mix sunflower seeds with sesame seeds. When the honey is ready, it’s time for more mixing. Use the bowl with honey for mixing the seeds in as seeds are easier to move without wastage (pic 1).

When everything is well mixed, spread the mixture on baking paper with a fork. Try to make the shape more or less rectangular. Don’t worry, if some bits are out. Do avoid holes and uneven thickness, though.

Pic 2

Pre-heat the oven to 150 degrees (Celsius!). Place the mixture spread on the baking paper carefully in the oven, on the top rack. Set the timer for 12 minutes. Check how the candy is doing.
The time to take it out is right when the sides are brownish and the mass is firm(ish). Take it out and let it settle for 15 minutes. If you have any uneven endings cut them off and eat them or give to someone you’re not trying to impress.

Cut the ready product into pieces. I usually make lines of around 5 cm and half the shorter edge to form two bars but it’s really up to you.

Keep cutting until you’re done. Store in plastic containers. You’ll have to test for yourself how long they can survive there. In my house they’re gone in 2-3 days 馃檪 Enjoy!

Fit Dessert Recipe: Chocolate Coconut Bites

You remember when I was telling you about my newly discovered passion for making desserts in the article about Lindt chocolate fondant pudding making class? That was an indulgence but in general, I aim to make desserts I make at home a healthier alternative to what’s easily found in the shops.

One of my favourite chocolate bars ever is Bounty. However, as I started to pay more attention to what I eat and limit my sugar intake, the coconut goodness covered in chocolate became to sweet for my liking. I did some research, experimented a LOT myself and now I have a recipe I’d like to share with you.


200 g of desiccated coconut

+/- 200 g of coconut milk

30 g of honey

200 g of dark chocolate (you may need more if it鈥檚 chocolate with a low percentage of cocoa. I use 70% Lindt coating chocolate. Slabs work too but are WAY more expensive)  

Pic 1

Mix desiccated coconut, some coconut milk and honey in a bowl (Pic 1 and 2).

Pic 2

Continue by slowly adding more coconut milk. Your goal is to form a firm but slightly moist mass (Pic 3). You can touch it with your finger to check the consistency too.

Pic 3

Leave the prepared mixture in the freezer for 40-45 minutes. Take it out and form balls putting them on a plate covered with baking paper (Pic 4). You can form bars, if you prefer but in my experience once they鈥檙e covered in chocolate, they look like turds.
When you’re done forming balls/bars you can lick the remaining mixture off your fingers and the bowl. I do it every time.

Pic 4

Leave the balls in the freezer for at least 1 hour. You can also keep them there for longer until you’re ready to move on to the next step. This also means that you can always have some of them ready for coating in the freezer. Just remember to put them in a container, if you’re not planning to use them immediately to prevent them from drying out.

You’ll need melted chocolate for your next step (instructions at the very bottom). When it’s melted put the plate it’s on at a lower setting. That way the chocolate in the bowl won鈥檛 solidify and you鈥檒l have more time to cover the balls in chocolate without them disintegrating.

Take the balls out and cover them one by one in melted chocolate, inserting them into a bowl with a spoon and rolling them in chocolate. If you already put them down and you see you’ve missed a spot, cover it by pouring a bit of chocolate over it.

Don’t lick the spoon when you’re still busy – the melted chocolate is super hot. Wait until you’re done with the balls, there will be leftovers. Promise!


You’re officially done now. Your delicious chocolate coconut Bounty like delicious treats are ready. If you want to impress your guests even more, you can make the bites perfect by removing the odd looking parts of the chocolate coverage with a knife. Keep refrigerated.

Last but not least, remember that this is a better alternative to what you buy in a shop only if you eat it in moderation 馃檪


Find a small pot and fill it with around 3 cm of water. Put in on the stove and place a bowl on top of it. Smudge the bowl with coconut oil (that way the chocolate won鈥檛 stick to the bowl). You can use a different greasy liquid such as olive oil or butter but with coconut oil you can be sure that it won鈥檛 affect the flavour. Break the chocolate slab into small pieces and place it in the bowl. Don鈥檛 make the setting too high, rather allow more time for the chocolate to melt. Wait until it melts entirely, checking with the spoon whether there aren鈥檛 any pieces left. If everything has melted, you’re ready to start to coat your treats.

LIFE HACK: If you like cooking with chocolate or like chocolate in general, it鈥檒l work out cheaper for you to buy coating chocolate in bags.