Lindt Chocolate Fondant Pudding Making Class

I’m still not done with my writing about our trip to Azerbaijan so stay tuned. Still, seeing that we’ve been back to Cape Town for a while I want to share with you a cool thing we’ve done in the Mother City.

Last weekend we went to the Lindt Chocolate Studio in the Waterfront for a Lindt Chocolate Fondant Pudding Making Class (I know, such a complicated name!). It’s basically a chocolate fondant making class. I know that you don’t know me but if you had known me you would have known that I was never big on cooking. As a result of a creative task from “The Artist’s Way” I’ve made my first home made Bounty and I’ve quite enjoyed it! I’m only interested in desserts for now so I was super excited to try these classes out.

We got our deal on Hyperli but if the special is no longer valid, you can just head to the website of Lindt Chocolate Studio directly to check out what classes they currently offer.

A Dress Up Party Vibes

Some people will find it exciting, others will think it’s lame. I remained unsure what I thought about the fact that I had to wear a Lindt chocolatier outfit throughout the experience. It certainly makes it better that everyone has to wear one too!

The good part is that you won’t get your clothes or shoes messy, even if as one of the participants of our class, you decide to wear high heels and an elegant and light jumpsuit for the occasion (yes, I’m being judgey. It was 10 am!).

How To Make a Delicious Dessert

The class was very well prepared. After you arrive and you put on protective clothes, you can choose your work station. You’ll find everything you need there: both in terms of utensils and ingredients. The thing I liked most was that the Lindt team had absolutely no trust in the participants so some ingredients were already mixed for us. It think it’s great that they assume that people have little experience with cooking as it minimises stress and maximises the enjoyment of the experience.

Our chef’s name was Dimo and he was a very nice guy. The instructions he gave us were clear and more importantly he had a lot of experience so he knew what to warn us against. It was also quite reassuring to me personally to hear all the mistakes that people had done before. I was not going to be, after all, the first person to put chocolate straight into the pot filled with water when trying to melt it with the water bath method.

We were given instructions at each step and apart from it Dimo would walk around the studio, checking whether people were progressing as expected and correcting the course of action when needed. He joked a lot if you did something wrong but in a nice, not mean way. I required some help from my husband but I managed not to do anything overly embarrassing and finished the class with a chocolate fondant ready for baking.

When our chocolate babies were placed in the oven to bake, we were given a short presentation about Lindt chocolate. I must say I’m a big fan of the brand so it was very interesting for me to hear about the chocolate making process. After that, we were introduced to 5-senses tasting technique and given a piece of mild dark chocolate to practise on.

If you look closely you can see who’s taking the picture

By the end of the presentation our fondants were ready and our work stations cleaned. I was very impressed how well the whole experience was organised. It’s astonishing to think that we learnt how to make a delicious dessert in just above an hour.

We ate our fondants with Lindt ice-cream (!!!). They were also additionally boosted with Lindor balls. The dessert was delicious but too indulgent for such an early time during the day. Fortunately, we were given take-away cups where you could place your fondant. We left the place with two Lindors and a fondant mass for baking at home from what the left-overs of the dessert we prepared.

Scope For Further Experimentation

Another cool thing about the classes is that you’re given 10% off your purchases in the Lindt shop, which is a part of the studio. The prices are slightly higher than in supermarkets but with all buy-bulk deals it really makes sense to buy at the shop for bigger purchases.

I was inspired to buy 2,5 kg of Lindt cooking chocolate for my future dessert making experiments. It’s not cheap but if you like cooking with chocolate it works out much cheaper than melting regular slabs and it is a premium quality product. In return I got a free box of chocolates and a loyalty card than in few purchases will result in 20% off!

All in all, it was a really really cool experience and I’d recommend attending one of the classes to anyone who enjoys cooking or is looking for ways to surprise guests at dinner parties.


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